Hello, I'm Alida.

I’m a strategist, communicator, and people-person. I refine company cultures through a dogged commitment to continuous learning and a disciplined pursuit of more.

As the founder of Ethos, a talent strategy firm for tech, I grow the teams that fuel rocket ship companies. By shaping culture and developing talent, I help strengthen every company’s biggest asset: its people. With a focus on diversity, hiring practices, vision and values, and career pathing, I partner with tech leaders to make possibilities and aspirations concrete realities.

Before Ethos, I headed up investors, partners, brand, and portfolio company growth at Hyde Park Angels. While at Hyde Park Angels, I helped grow the organization into the most active early-stage investor in the Midwest by developing a people-first approach to investing, one that focuses on leveraging human capital as well as financial capital to drive positive outcomes.

As a contributor for VentureBeat, instructor at General Assembly, and Venture Board Member at mHub, I find ways to marry my love for information sharing and supporting underrepresented groups in radically different ways. When I’m not immersing myself in writing, teaching, and advising, I’m a working artist in Chicago.

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