I help growing and growth-stage companies meet their full growth potential by investing in their people. I’ve spent my career managing startups, and I’ve seen people make or break them. That’s why as founder of Ethos, I focus on shaping culture and developing talent in service of overall company performance.

Diversity and Inclusion
Diverse companies are 35% more profitable than non-diverse ones. But achieving diversity, especially as a fast-growing startup, is hard. I partner with companies to assess their diversity needs, build better candidate pipelines, and create the right programs and strategies to keep the right people longer.

Hiring Practices
Get the hiring process right, and you’ve done most of the work. By developing a structured, thoughtful interview process, objective candidate measurement system, and clear 90-day onboarding process, I help you cement a strong talent brand that attracts more candidates while positioning rockstar talent to not only take your offers, but hit the ground running once they do.

Vision and Values
Your vision and values are more than words on a wall; they’re the good and bad behaviors that guide your culture and teams. We work together to do more than define your vision and values, but fully map out how they’re communicated, adopted, and even integrated into performance management.

Career Pathing
This generation of employees cares about two things: coaching and career paths. It’s no surprise then that the secret to retention is providing real development opportunities that lead employees down well-defined career paths. I look at your business strategy, hiring plans, and existing team to create those sustainable paths in ways that grow your company and people at the same time.