I take complex ideas and make them simple so they can be shared with the right people at the right time. I'm a full-stack brand-builder and marketer. I create brand identities from scratch and then leverage robust technical expertise to successfully promote them in the market. 

At Hyde Park Angels, I focus on strengthening and spreading the brand I developed over the last three years. By cultivating our global messaging, graphic identity, engagement through written content and multimedia projects, and more, I am making venture capital accessible and building pathways to entrepreneurs.

Brand Development

A brand is not your logo, tagline, or the colors on your website; it's how the world understands you. That's why getting it right can make or break a business. I help companies understand who they want to be and make that a reality.

Visual Identity

So much of how you communicate your vision and your story lies in your look and feel as a brand. I develop your high-level brand strategy first and base your full visual identity around it so your design is crisp, clean, and true to your values from the start. 

Content Strategy

Quality content moves people to question, respond, and take action. In your arsenal of engagement tools, it's your most powerful if used meaningfully. I lay the full foundation for that strategy so you can produce compelling content that reaches the right audiences at the right time from day one. 


I live my life by two mottos: be better and be interested. Constantly learning allows me to do both. I hold workshops and speak at events to share the knowledge I have so you can follow those credos, too.